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Mod welcome post [25 Jun 2006|12:06am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Hi and welcome to Poyntercest, the community dedicated to... well, Poyntercest.

What is Poyntercest? It's the pairing of Dougie Poynter and his sister Jazzie Poynter. Which is both underage and incest. So if you don't like.. then shoo.

Kindy make all posts Friend's only.
If posting a fic, put it behind a cut with the usual warnings.
Anything is welcome, pics and fics especially.
as long as it has Poyntercest it doesn't matter what's in the fics. It can be threesomes or more as long as Doug and Jazzie are involved. (MMF or MFF)

I think that's all. Any problems or questions come to your mods, me and imyournobody

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