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poyntercest's Journal

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Welcome to the one and only community dedicated to Poyntercest!
I could never picture Dougie with a girl (cause he's GAY) but Jazzie is the only girl I could see him with

Poyntercest is the pairing of Dougie Poynter from McFly with his sister, Jazzie.
This is both incest and (at the moment) under age sex.
If any of that bothers you, then shoo.

The community is run and maintained by shadow_hive who know there are other lovers of the 'cest out there, and want you to join and post all your fics, pictures, art, whatever. Just spread the Poyntercest love!

Kindly make all posts Friend's only.
If posting a fic, put it behind a cut with the usual warnings.
Anything is welcome, pics and fics especially.
As long as it has Poyntercest it doesn't matter what's in the fics.
It can be threesomes or more as long as Doug and Jazzie are involved. (MMF or MFF)

If you have any questions/problems please contact us by email, not through our personal journals:

shadow_hive - WillluvsGrace@aol.com

copy and paste the following code into your user info or where ever you want it.
Hotlinking is allowed.